Editorial Forward

  • Cristina Barna Pro Global Science Association
Keywords: Digitalization, Education, Health, Social and Solidarity Economy, Research, Inovation


Welcome to an exciting new issue of our scientific journal Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research – Volume 20 / issue 2 / 2020. It is an issue published in the unprecedented challenge of Covid-19 pandemics, which negatively affected the business and society. All the world is doing the best to meet this challenge in a spirit of solidarity. Covid-19 pandemics could change our world, how businesses and society may develop over the next years. In this context, new topics start to become central in the academic and research debate: new technology, digital education, e-commerce, public health, telemedicine, human rights protection, social behavior, social resilience, social cohesion, solidarity and volunteering, innovation, frontier research, etc.

This issue provides a venue for high-quality research works of academics and researchers from Greece, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Romania. They approached various interest subjects for the transformative period we live in due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, such as health issues ( the management of change in private sector healthcare organizations and adults' obesity), social financing as a viable alternative in these times of crisis, the imperative of  advancing digitalization, digital literacy skills and the technology-enhanced adaptive and hybrid education, and research-development and innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises . Also, this issue includes a book review, investigating the multiple facets of precarious work in Romania. 


Review of Applied Socio- Economic Research Volume 20, Issue 2 / 2020
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