Urban Poverty in Europe – Poverty Reduction Policies and Measures

  • Melanie Schinnerl Johannes Kepler University
  • Dorothea Greiling Institute for Management Accounting Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria
Keywords: Anti-Poverty Policies, Best Practices, Networking, Poverty Measurement, Urban Poverty


This paper analyzes poverty reduction strategies and programs in 22 West-European cities. With the help of triangular-method-approach, the first results are presented. While major differences between cities can be seen in the aspects of poverty definition and measurement, the main risk groups are similar regarding urban poverty. The main causes of poverty (family structures, lack of labor market integration, migration, etc.) are mainly addressed at the micro-level. A big problem area in European cities is affordable housing. The fight against poverty is a multi-actor endeavor. On the local level, horizontal networking is essential. Nonprofit Organizations are a very important partner for reducing urban poverty. Concerning the success of poverty reduction programs both, poverty reduction, as well as prevention, is addressed. In addition, in the interviews with the city representatives, certain aspects that are important in the context of poverty reduction can be identified.


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