Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research
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REASER :: Volume 14, ISSUE 2/2017::


1 Editors Cover See more 1-2
2 Editors Table of contents See more 3
3 Vasilescu Ruxandra Foreword See more 4
4 Baidoc Diana, Bacali Laura Impact of innovation on sustainable development of organizations See more 5-18
5 Cotae Alexandra, Bacali Laura The influence of national culture on business organizations’ commitment to environment sustainability in the European Union See more 19-29
6 Pintilie, Laura Mirela Features of managerial strategy specific to school bodies in high school and vocational education in Suceava County, Romania See more 30-36
7 Rahman, Mostafizur Md, Zaman, Mahmud Uz New paradigm in understanding food security in Bangladesh: experiences from fieldworks in coastal areas of southwest Bangladesh See more 37-47
8 Barna, Cristina Chiriloaie V., Marcuta L., The Neo-social economy See more 48-49
9 Jung, Hoyoon William Easterly: Tyranny of experts: economists, dictator, and the forgotten rights of the poor See more 50-53
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