"Empowering youth leadership for democracy sustainability" is a three-month project that will run in Romania aiming at creating an identification and training program for prospective young leaders and having as a final result a system of recognition, motivation and rewarding of the active involvement of the youth in their local communities. 
The project can be developed into a concept, which may be replicated in other Romanian regions and even in EU. The program is available for the age group of 15-30 years old. A series of 4 workshops will be held with the benefit of informal learning methods such as: role-play, simulation, debate etc.
 The partners are from Romania : "Pro Global Science Association"- the project coordinator, "Support for Youth Development Association" and "Young Partners for Civil Society Development", from Italy: "Informamentis Europa" and "Work in Progress" and from Latvia: "AEGEE- Riga" and "Social Innovation Centre", a total of 7 promoters, 40 youngsters and 4 experts. 
The main objectives are: 
- to inform the youth about democratic processes at the European level and to promote active participation in democratic processes at the local community level; 
- to prepare the most suitable candidates for all kinds of election processes at the national/ European level; 
- to stimulate the youth interest for the development of associative structures; to promote creativity and entrepreneurship and to help youngsters in developing skills to use in their fight against unemployment, marginalization and poverty;  - to explore the leadership potential of the target group; to define the leader's profile and to list the motivational determinants which can generate performance and long- term involvement; 
- to use informal education tools ( simulation, debate, experiment, role-play ).